the token faget (oneshotnothing) wrote,
the token faget

...and what did you do while you weren't able to get online, *~K?

me [8:47 PM]: i was in a bizarre VtM game recently tho.

Mal [8:47 PM]: Yah
Mal [8:47 PM]: Oh?

me [8:47 PM]: in which some of the WWE wrestlers were vampires. o.O

Mal [8:47 PM]: o_O
Mal [8:47 PM]: Whut

me [8:47 PM]: we were in a battle against an evil yakuza lord and Ted Turner, the guy who runs TNA wrestling.
me [8:47 PM]: I was playing Triple H. I got turned when some bad steroids gave me a fatal complication and there was no other choice but to turn unless I was gonna die!
me [8:48 PM]: then I turned Shaun Michaels cos he is my tag team partner, but he ended up hating me cos Shaun Michaels is a Christian so he thought vampires were EVIL.


me [8:49 PM]: ayuh.
me [8:49 PM]: it got weirdo tho,. at one point we had to form an alliance with someone powerful in order to be safer.
me [8:50 PM]: so we made friends with Dethklok, the cartoon band from Adult Swim's 'Metalocalypse' show.

Mal [8:50 PM]: WHAT
Mal [8:50 PM]: HOW IS
Mal [8:50 PM]: JFHJ GFJGF

me [8:50 PM]: XD

Mal [8:50 PM]: Wait were they vampires too?
Mal[8:51 PM]: Pickles would make the most badass vampire.

me [8:51 PM]: not when we met them. I think one of em got turned later.
me [8:51 PM]: Pickles at one point was driving the Dethcopter thru this zombie ravaged small town...

Mal [8:52 PM]: <3___<3

me [8:52 PM]: smushing zombies on the rotars.
me [8:53 PM]: but later Murderface died. he threw himself into this giant demon to save everybody else. it was very dramatic- "It's HAMBURGER TIME, you fucker!!!!"

Mal [8:54 PM]: No one likes murderface anyway,

me [8:55 PM]: oh, after he died he was like, ttlly lauded as a hero. they put out a box set and everything. of course, Nathan only wanted to release like a blooper reel of the band playing gags on him.
me [8:56 PM]: after that the band broke up for a while and Toki took a job playing guitar in a J-pop band.

Mal [9:00 PM]: Oh jeez

me [9:00 PM]: *L*
me [9:02 PM]: at one point Dethklok saved everyone when Mt.Fuji went off and became a volcano. I don't think they meant to save anyone, but they still had Mordhaus floating around, and it fell in the vent and stopped up the volcano.

Mal [9:02 PM]: \WHAT
Mal [9:02 PM]: LIKE A SPONGE?

me [9:02 PM]: yep.

Mal [9:02 PM]: kjdhgj hv jg *dead*

me [9:02 PM]: XD

Mal [9:03 PM]: This needs to be fanfic'd.
Mal [9:03 PM]: You understand this yes?
Mal[9:03 PM]: I would endorse it.
Mal [9:03 PM]: I would endorse it so hard.

me [9:03 PM]: Nathan got stuck in a window trying to get out and had to be rescued by some Japanese rescue chick.
me [9:03 PM]: needless to say being carried out by a chick confused him immensely.

Mal [9:04 PM]: I was gonna say
Mal [9:04 PM]: That does not sound like something Nathan would enjoy.
Mal [9:04 PM]: Or it would be...something he enjoyed too much.

me [9:04 PM]: meanwhile, did I mention that one of the most formidable vampire wrestlers we had was that midget leprachaun guy Hornswoggle?

Mal [9:04 PM]: WHAT

me [9:05 PM]: little fucker'd bounce around like a superball.

Mal [9:05 PM]: OH JESUS
Mal [9:05 PM]: And like
Mal [9:05 PM]: Hop on you and *nom*

me [9:05 PM]: ayuh.
me [9:06 PM]: Edge got turned, but all he'd do is brag about it. Yannow, get all bugeyed the way he do and announce "I'm a VAMPIRE!"

Mal [9:06 PM]: That is frightening.
Mal [9:06 PM]: nkjlth jgjhg

me [9:07 PM]: at one point when they were fighting the demons that eventually killed Murderface Randy Orton tried to tell one off and got his head bit off.

Mal [9:08 PM]: I have to ask.
Mal [9:08 PM]: Was Chris Benoit there?

me [9:08 PM]: no, but when the zombies overtook the city some of the dead wrestlers came back as zombies, so then him and Eddie Guerrero turned up,.
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