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Tiptoeing on the bones of everything.

Nothing cool can stay, can it? I'm feelin' the winter more and more every day, and walking around the town is so depressing, cos so much has changed for the worst. On top of that...

...on top of that I'm kinda pissed that my favorite game on FB has changed rules, which means I decided to close out some accounts I had there for fun, and because they are checking by IP, I hadta tell Jess she ought to do the same since she uses my computer sometimes.

I mentioned this to Tanya and Anna too. Tan and I went on about it fer awhile, in fact.

i [2:52 A.M.]: anyway, we have decided which accounts we're keeping and which we ain't. they close us down anyway, we can try telling them more than one person uses this compy, but it's still their call, yannow?

Tan [2:52 A.M.]: It will take them a while to sift through EVERY account.

i [2:52 A.M.]: up to this point we actually haven't been using the extras to harvest stuff but you know. am gonna move a few things before shutting some of the smaller ones.

Tan [2:53 A.M.]: I only have two. :/ I exchange some things between the two accounts, but nothing, like, major.

i [2:56 A.M.]: it's still cheating, I'm afraid. I had em to make cool avvies, and to have someone to vote for me as a sure thing. but it's still cheating.

Tan [3:01 A.M.]: If they're gonna do it, I guess there's nothing stopping them.

i [3:01 A.M.]: checking all the accounts is faster& easier than you might think, too. they have programs for it now. they're using them to do the giveaway in fact. How else would they know who collected all the pieces in a random drop scenario? I think this is kinda like how cops catch repeat offenders by like, promising them they won a boat or something? and this brings em out the woodwork.

Tan [3:05 A.M.]: Seems like it. We doomed! D: It would be nice if I and anyone else who sank money into this thing to get the weekly abilities could be refunded if our accounts are banned. My clan is around 30, (my mule)'s is 50. Far, far away from the coveted clan of 501.

i [3:13 A.M.]: You know, if they didn't have it in such a way as the amount of clan you had was important, none of this would be happening.

Tan [3:14 A.M.]: That IS kind of irritating. Yanno, the whole having to have as many people possible in one's clan or risk getting your ass handed to you on a hourly (minutely?) basis.

i [3:14 A.M.]: Yep. And they could easily repair that by making it be skills alone.

Tan [3:15 A.M.]: That would be preferable.

i [3:15 A.M.]: at the time tho, they WANTED more players. you'd think they'd be able to second guess human nature and know that was an invite to muling.

Tan [3:18 A.M.]: Dude. Ray Charles could've seen that coming.

i [3:19 A.M.]: srsly. But again, it's their playground. Now I can foresee a lot more around the bend. Ppl leaving in solidarity with their friends being banned. Class action lawsuits to get the money they put in reimbursed. Other less interesting games like Bloodlines will reap the benefits of people leaving Zynga in droves, but hey. Their playground. Their rules. They really need though, to think a little more wisely about their long term investment. But who knows, maybe they have.Maybe your money was the nest egg they needed to just pull the plug on this whole bloodsuck fest. Do whatever it is they -really- wanted to do.

The whole update that's got me pissy is herebelow:
Gordon the Ghost wrote:It's been pointed out that in the recent update to the Zynga ToS, it's indicated that having multiple accounts is against the rules.

8) Account Responsibility

b) Users that maintain more than one account on a social network may not access this Service from multiple accounts. If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or Zynga has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, Zynga has the right to suspend or terminate your ability to participate in the Service and refuse any and all current or future use of the Service (or any portion thereof).
Full ToS here:
Terms of Service

Since this was never really enforced before, I'd let the discussions that have been had on the forums slide. But, now we all know playing multiple accounts is against the rules, regardless of the platform you're playing from (MySpace or Facebook).

As far as enforcing this goes, I am not going to be actively hunting players down with multiple accounts but that does not mean it's OK. If we go through and start cleaning out IPs with multiple accounts, or if I stumble upon players' "babies", they will be banned.

If you mentioned having babies (or any other terms that refer to having multiple accounts) on the forums, don't mention it again and I won't go after your accounts.

Fair enough right?

ETA: If you have questions that are not answered by the above, please email me at

Anyway. It was fun while it lasted, right?

In other news, yeh my Halloween sucked. Friend was sick. I went out for a little while, but just to the coffeehouse to check out a band. Speaking of bands nothing new is really impressing me. Nadine was online a little later. We were talking about the 'new' Foo album that's dropping in stores tomorrow.

nadine[4:09 A.M.]: wheels is one of the new foo, isn't it?

i[4:09 A.M.]: it is, but I'm not fond of it, so I'm waiting to hear the other two new songs from the best of compilation.

nadine [4:10 A.M.]: ohh, ok.
you know what i miss? old foo fighters stuff. i mean, cool, they're maturing, but i just love the old rockin stuff

i [4:11 A.M.]: yep. I'm kinda bored of them now, to be honest. :/ maturing is lame.

nadine [4:12 A.M.]: same. i was even a little disappointed with the last show i saw... it was like... dave's comedy tour or something

i [4:12 A.M.]: bleah. if'n I was Taylor and Nate and all, I'd just srsly be thinking about solo projects, cos this cash cow is sinking fast. if el Kurdto is right about one thing, tis better to burn out than to fade away.

nadine [4:15 A.M.]: and it looks like wheels is one of only two brand new songs on the greatest hits

i [4:15 A.M.]: kinda smugly overconfident, he is, that these new songs will be 'greatest hits'.

nadine [4:17 A.M.]: i'm sure other bands have made worse assumptions. some bands evolve well. like radiohead? amazing. but this easy listening foo stuff is painful

i [4:21 A.M.]: oh yeh. well. think of like, bands like Metallica, or Aerosmith. same dealie. asskickin' youth. wussy middle age.

In other sucky news, apparently the government officials have decided to kill the tame moose that some guy has on his farm in Enosberg. There's a law against keeping wild animals as pets, but this moose wandered onto the guys' place as a lost baby moose and has been there his whole life. He couldn't go back in the wild even if they ruled that was ok. If Pete the moose is allowed to be killed one more bright and beautiful part of Vermont dies with him.

Something must be done, cos this sucks. So hey, if you're reading this? Phone the governor of VT ASAP @ 802.828.3333. You don't need to be a Vermonter to express your dislike of this action. Do NOT let reception put you through to
Game&Wildlife, only the governor can pardon the moose.

Fuckin' bureaucrats. And people wonder why I don't bother to vote.

More info on the moose at:
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