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Do you know someone who’s struggled with addiction? How did it affect your relationship with them?

kennichiwa! my name is Kether, and I am addicted to talking to people who are addicted to Silent Hill theories. Well, no, I'm not, but I sure do know a lot of them. Other than being batshit crazy since we keep going on and on about a videogame probably no one has ever played like, ever ever, most Silent Hill fans are at least funny, in a really twisted way.

Well, now that I've told y'all a little about myself, here is my rant du jour, in which I speculate to m' friend nadine about, you guessed it, Silent Hill.

i [12:43 A.M.]: so like, for no damn reason i was thinking about silent hill 3? and how the ending kinda makes no sense...
i dunno, you prolly hasn't played it, but you like, seen the cutscenes, yeh?
so like, Heather eats da aglaophotis and like, voms out the god she woulda had to give birth to otherwise, neh?
she [12:44 A.M.]: ok?
i [12:45 A.M.]: and then Sister Claudia is all like, 'if you won't birth god, then I will' and she like, eats da fetus, a'ight?
she [12:45 A.M.]: ok?
i [12:45 A.M.]: but like...if it's a fetus, shouldn't she like, have stuffed it up her hooha? I mean, if any orifice in any human host will do, she coulda stuffed it up Vinvin's dead ass for all it matters.
she [12:46 A.M.]: mebbe, if it gets into her blood, she wouldn't have to. cuz y'know, her blood is the fetus'
i [12:46 A.M.]: who, Claudy? nah, she was just Alessa's pal.
she [12:49 A.M.]: no, i meant if the fetus is in alessa, and she just swallowed the stuff, it might get into her bloodstream quick and thusly into the fetus' as well.
i [12:51 A.M.]: but...the fetus just went out of Alessa. cos Alessa is Heather. and you are me and he are we and we are all together, goo goo ga joob. Aanyway. I were just wondering.

You... do know the whole Heather is Alessa engima right?
she [12:52 A.M.]: oh. n/m ;p i figured i'd missed something there. i do know that bit, i think. sorry, its been years since i watched my brother play the games, and in the rp its not so heavy into the lore at the moment, so... i forgetted things
i [12:54 A.M.]: Uncyclopedia explains it all hysterically; here ya go: in Silent Hill 3 you play as Heather Morris, who is really Heather Mason, Who is really the daughter of Harry Mason, who is really the baby Alessa gave Harry at the end of the first game, who is really Cheryl (the daughter of Harry Mason), who is really not the daughter of Harry Mason, who is really Alessa, who, after 7 years, splits herself up into another girl, who is really a baby that is found by Harry Mason and his sick wife on the side of the road, who is really Cheryl from the first game, who reunited with Alessa and gave birth to a god, who was killed by Harry (and not his wife because she died from an illness), who then got a baby from Alessa+Cheryl before she/they died, who ran away from the town, who changed his name to Morris, and named the new Cheryl Heather.
Tags: addiction struggle, gone too far, mtv, writer's block
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