the token faget (oneshotnothing) wrote,
the token faget

Periodically I get myself all into this zen state of like semidemi tranquility so as I can forget how -fucken- poor i am and pretend one day I'm really going to have that perfect fucken house with the perfect fucken furniture, and space to do things in, and be able to afford to decorate it in toys as i should fancy to do so.

When i manage to attain such a state of unXtian and yet christlike perfection, i can go and look at things on EBay, because it pains me less to not know that i can't afford them and won't be bidding on them tomorow.

That said there is some fuckass fucken WEIRD shit up for offer at the pres, which i thought for the sake of possiblity I would share with y'all, on this offish chance you might wish to collect these goodies for and unto yrselves, or who knows? feel generous and bestow gobs of oddities on yr humble narrator just cos I want them.

Moving on, exhibit A: Old-Guitar-Body-with-Stickers-Beat-to-Ugly-Dont- the title alone is a zinger, no? and of course I can pretty much tell by looking even from a musician's perspective of view that this thing is fucken worthless. But as convo pieces go? This is exactly the kind of guitar I'd hang on my wall. Hell, I might even douse it with zippo and add some artful destruction myself, cos nothing screams punk rock like a guitar that's been murdered in its prime for the sake of violence itself.

and then over here, we got the MEDICAL FEMALE PELVIC VINTAGE TEACHING MODEL ANTIQUE good lord. this is sick. just looking at it and thinking of owning it makes me feel sick, and not in a good evyl horndog way. Look at the other pics. This is essentially a older than dirt, for-study-purposes-only pussy-in-a-box who would not want something so weird??? >8D

moving along, as if these two items alone don't bring instant bizarro to any kid's collection, how can one live without a GOTH RARE Black Magic Monkey Skull Fetish Voodoo ▐ This looks like some psycho cobbled it together while living in his mom's bedroom playing at being a satanist and wannabe artiste at the same time. You got to love the nail polish blood on the fangs and everything.

or of course you could just

anyway. nothing more to say tonight except
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