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  Huh. LJ's still here.

go fig.

a'ight. Thought I'd share this wit' ya...
sorry, nadine, but yr reaction was priceless.

and, as i said to her then, if his eyes follow you around the room in a pic where he's alive, do NOT be looking at the cover of Dawn of the Black Hearts....

and, so this ain't completely out of context, for those of you who liked me & nad's off the wall RP, there's
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Writer's Block: Blast to the past   
02:33pm 07/09/2011
If you could travel back in time, what would you tell your 10-year-old self?

My ten year old self? Not a damn thing. My life kinda sucked with the sitch with my 'rents and all, but I haven't got the time or resources to save me, and there's no advice that sounds anything other than trite. 'It gets better'? Even now I'd tell someone to fuck off due to that one.

But....my teen self? Jeez, I'd have a time. I hate to say, but if I had a time machine, I'd fuck with me. In a kindly way, but I would haunt my own ass. I mean. I was doing so many drugs whod believe me? I'd prbably think I was a hallucination anyway.

here's a cool song
a funny fb quote   
01:25am 15/08/2010
  Wayne Sisson: hates all of these stupid "attractive, non-threatening urban kids dancing" movies where they always talk about how dancing "can change the world!" No it can't. The only dance that ever changed the world was the Macarena, and it just made things worse. Dancing is all well and good, nothing against it, but let's be honest: no amount of krumping or popping-and-locking will bring about world peace. Sorry.  
...and what did you do while you weren't able to get online, *~K?   
11:40pm 25/07/2010
  me [8:47 PM]: i was in a bizarre VtM game recently tho.

Mal [8:47 PM]: Yah
Mal [8:47 PM]: Oh?

me [8:47 PM]: in which some of the WWE wrestlers were vampires. o.O

Mal [8:47 PM]: o_O
Mal [8:47 PM]: Whut

me [8:47 PM]: we were in a battle against an evil yakuza lord and Ted Turner, the guy who runs TNA wrestling.
me [8:47 PM]: I was playing Triple H. I got turned when some bad steroids gave me a fatal complication and there was no other choice but to turn unless I was gonna die!
me [8:48 PM]: then I turned Shaun Michaels cos he is my tag team partner, but he ended up hating me cos Shaun Michaels is a Christian so he thought vampires were EVIL.


me [8:49 PM]: ayuh.
me [8:49 PM]: it got weirdo tho,. at one point we had to form an alliance with someone powerful in order to be safer.
me [8:50 PM]: so we made friends with Dethklok, the cartoon band from Adult Swim's 'Metalocalypse' show.

Mal [8:50 PM]: WHAT
Mal [8:50 PM]: HOW IS
Mal [8:50 PM]: JFHJ GFJGF

me [8:50 PM]: XD

Mal [8:50 PM]: Wait were they vampires too?
Mal[8:51 PM]: Pickles would make the most badass vampire.

me [8:51 PM]: not when we met them. I think one of em got turned later.
me [8:51 PM]: Pickles at one point was driving the Dethcopter thru this zombie ravaged small town...

Mal [8:52 PM]: <3___<3

me [8:52 PM]: smushing zombies on the rotars.
me [8:53 PM]: but later Murderface died. he threw himself into this giant demon to save everybody else. it was very dramatic- "It's HAMBURGER TIME, you fucker!!!!"

Mal [8:54 PM]: No one likes murderface anyway,

me [8:55 PM]: oh, after he died he was like, ttlly lauded as a hero. they put out a box set and everything. of course, Nathan only wanted to release like a blooper reel of the band playing gags on him.
me [8:56 PM]: after that the band broke up for a while and Toki took a job playing guitar in a J-pop band.

Mal [9:00 PM]: Oh jeez

me [9:00 PM]: *L*
me [9:02 PM]: at one point Dethklok saved everyone when Mt.Fuji went off and became a volcano. I don't think they meant to save anyone, but they still had Mordhaus floating around, and it fell in the vent and stopped up the volcano.

Mal [9:02 PM]: \WHAT
Mal [9:02 PM]: LIKE A SPONGE?

me [9:02 PM]: yep.

Mal [9:02 PM]: kjdhgj hv jg *dead*

me [9:02 PM]: XD

Mal [9:03 PM]: This needs to be fanfic'd.
Mal [9:03 PM]: You understand this yes?
Mal[9:03 PM]: I would endorse it.
Mal [9:03 PM]: I would endorse it so hard.

me [9:03 PM]: Nathan got stuck in a window trying to get out and had to be rescued by some Japanese rescue chick.
me [9:03 PM]: needless to say being carried out by a chick confused him immensely.

Mal [9:04 PM]: I was gonna say
Mal [9:04 PM]: That does not sound like something Nathan would enjoy.
Mal [9:04 PM]: Or it would be...something he enjoyed too much.

me [9:04 PM]: meanwhile, did I mention that one of the most formidable vampire wrestlers we had was that midget leprachaun guy Hornswoggle?

Mal [9:04 PM]: WHAT

me [9:05 PM]: little fucker'd bounce around like a superball.

Mal [9:05 PM]: OH JESUS
Mal [9:05 PM]: And like
Mal [9:05 PM]: Hop on you and *nom*

me [9:05 PM]: ayuh.
me [9:06 PM]: Edge got turned, but all he'd do is brag about it. Yannow, get all bugeyed the way he do and announce "I'm a VAMPIRE!"

Mal [9:06 PM]: That is frightening.
Mal [9:06 PM]: nkjlth jgjhg

me [9:07 PM]: at one point when they were fighting the demons that eventually killed Murderface Randy Orton tried to tell one off and got his head bit off.

Mal [9:08 PM]: I have to ask.
Mal [9:08 PM]: Was Chris Benoit there?

me [9:08 PM]: no, but when the zombies overtook the city some of the dead wrestlers came back as zombies, so then him and Eddie Guerrero turned up,.
12:41pm 20/07/2010
  Sorry for the unexciting entry. Just trying to let LJ know I'm still interested in keeping this journal, even if i don't post to it much. Please reply, comments are necessary.  
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04:34pm 04/03/2010
04:55am 08/01/2010
  Periodically I get myself all into this zen state of like semidemi tranquility so as I can forget how -fucken- poor i am and pretend one day I'm really going to have that perfect fucken house with the perfect fucken furniture, and space to do things in, and be able to afford to decorate it in toys as i should fancy to do so.

When i manage to attain such a state of unXtian and yet christlike perfection, i can go and look at things on EBay, because it pains me less to not know that i can't afford them and won't be bidding on them tomorow.

That said there is some fuckass fucken WEIRD shit up for offer at the pres, which i thought for the sake of possiblity I would share with y'all, on this offish chance you might wish to collect these goodies for and unto yrselves, or who knows? feel generous and bestow gobs of oddities on yr humble narrator just cos I want them.

Moving on, exhibit A: Old-Guitar-Body-with-Stickers-Beat-to-Ugly-Dont- the title alone is a zinger, no? and of course I can pretty much tell by looking even from a musician's perspective of view that this thing is fucken worthless. But as convo pieces go? This is exactly the kind of guitar I'd hang on my wall. Hell, I might even douse it with zippo and add some artful destruction myself, cos nothing screams punk rock like a guitar that's been murdered in its prime for the sake of violence itself.

and then over here, we got the MEDICAL FEMALE PELVIC VINTAGE TEACHING MODEL ANTIQUE good lord. this is sick. just looking at it and thinking of owning it makes me feel sick, and not in a good evyl horndog way. Look at the other pics. This is essentially a older than dirt, for-study-purposes-only pussy-in-a-box who would not want something so weird??? >8D

moving along, as if these two items alone don't bring instant bizarro to any kid's collection, how can one live without a GOTH RARE Black Magic Monkey Skull Fetish Voodoo ▐ This looks like some psycho cobbled it together while living in his mom's bedroom playing at being a satanist and wannabe artiste at the same time. You got to love the nail polish blood on the fangs and everything.

or of course you could just find some way to accessorize & wear them all at the same timeCollapse )

anyway. nothing more to say tonight except
Tiptoeing on the bones of everything.   
08:03am 02/11/2009
  Nothing cool can stay, can it? I'm feelin' the winter more and more every day, and walking around the town is so depressing, cos so much has changed for the worst. On top of that...
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bad like a crab   
12:50am 11/10/2009
Do you know someone who’s struggled with addiction? How did it affect your relationship with them?

kennichiwa! my name is Kether, and I am addicted to talking to people who are addicted to Silent Hill theories. Well, no, I'm not, but I sure do know a lot of them. Other than being batshit crazy since we keep going on and on about a videogame probably no one has ever played like, ever ever, most Silent Hill fans are at least funny, in a really twisted way.

Well, now that I've told y'all a little about myself, here is my rant du jour, in which I speculate to m' friend nadine about, you guessed it, Silent Hill.

i [12:43 A.M.]: so like, for no damn reason i was thinking about silent hill 3? and how the ending kinda makes no sense...
i dunno, you prolly hasn't played it, but you like, seen the cutscenes, yeh?
so like, Heather eats da aglaophotis and like, voms out the god she woulda had to give birth to otherwise, neh?
she [12:44 A.M.]: ok?
i [12:45 A.M.]: and then Sister Claudia is all like, 'if you won't birth god, then I will' and she like, eats da fetus, a'ight?
she [12:45 A.M.]: ok?
i [12:45 A.M.]: but like...if it's a fetus, shouldn't she like, have stuffed it up her hooha? I mean, if any orifice in any human host will do, she coulda stuffed it up Vinvin's dead ass for all it matters.
she [12:46 A.M.]: mebbe, if it gets into her blood, she wouldn't have to. cuz y'know, her blood is the fetus'
i [12:46 A.M.]: who, Claudy? nah, she was just Alessa's pal.
she [12:49 A.M.]: no, i meant if the fetus is in alessa, and she just swallowed the stuff, it might get into her bloodstream quick and thusly into the fetus' as well.
i [12:51 A.M.]: but...the fetus just went out of Alessa. cos Alessa is Heather. and you are me and he are we and we are all together, goo goo ga joob. Aanyway. I were just wondering.

You... do know the whole Heather is Alessa engima right?
she [12:52 A.M.]: oh. n/m ;p i figured i'd missed something there. i do know that bit, i think. sorry, its been years since i watched my brother play the games, and in the rp its not so heavy into the lore at the moment, so... i forgetted things
i [12:54 A.M.]: Uncyclopedia explains it all hysterically; here ya go: http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Silent_Hill_3 in Silent Hill 3 you play as Heather Morris, who is really Heather Mason, Who is really the daughter of Harry Mason, who is really the baby Alessa gave Harry at the end of the first game, who is really Cheryl (the daughter of Harry Mason), who is really not the daughter of Harry Mason, who is really Alessa, who, after 7 years, splits herself up into another girl, who is really a baby that is found by Harry Mason and his sick wife on the side of the road, who is really Cheryl from the first game, who reunited with Alessa and gave birth to a god, who was killed by Harry (and not his wife because she died from an illness), who then got a baby from Alessa+Cheryl before she/they died, who ran away from the town, who changed his name to Morris, and named the new Cheryl Heather.
11:37am 14/09/2009
  Rocker, 'Basketball Diaries' Author Jim Carroll Dies at 60
Posted on Sep 13th 2009 6:56PM by Steve Baltin

Jim Carroll, an icon of the underground for his memoir, 'The Basketball Diaries,' died Friday, Sept. 11, in his New York City apartment of a heart attack, his ex-wife Rosemary Carroll told the New York Times. He was 60.

Carroll also enjoyed success as the frontman for the band that sported his name, with the touching punk rock ode, 'People Who Died,' a furiously paced list of his fallen comrades, enjoying alternative radio success in the early '80s and turning up surprisingly on the soundtrack for 'E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial,' when Steven Spielberg chose the song for the opening scene of the film. He recorded multiple albums, including 'Dry Dreams' and 'I Write Your Name.'

Carroll's music connections always ran deep, with his stream of consciousness flow and storied life, portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film adaption of 'The Basketball Diaries,' being a perfect fit with the New York CBGB scene of the '70s. In fact, it was Patti Smith, who brought Carroll up on stage to share his poetry during a late '70s tour, that led him to form the Jim Carroll Band. He was eventually signed to Atlantic Records at the urging of Keith Richards. And while Carroll would take a 14-year absence from music, returning in 1998 with 'Pools of Mercury,' he remained a force in the music world, writing lyrics for acts like Blue Oyster Cult and performing live occasionally with the Doors' Ray Manzarek as part of a spoken word act.

He has been largely out of public eye in recent years, working on a novel he had been speaking of for some time, but the influence of 'Basketball Diaries' has never waned, with a new generation of musicians, like Pearl Jam, who recorded the title track to 'Catholic Boy' with Carroll for the film version of the book, Rancid, who invited Carroll to write part of the track 'Junky Man,' and Marilyn Manson and Drive-By Truckers, who covered Carroll songs, sharing his legacy.

He also wrote 'The Basketball Diaries' sequel 'Forced Entries: The Downtown Diaries, 1971 - 1973,' and the critically lauded collections of poetry, 'Book of Nods' and 'Fear of Dreaming.' But it was 'The Basketball Diaries' for which he will forever be immortalized. I spent an afternoon with Carroll in 1998 in NYC and he talked about the influence of the book. "I remember doing this radio show to promote the soundtrack album to 'The Basketball Diaries," he recalled. "All these kids would call in and sayin' I saw the movie & how could you put out all that stuff about your life, how did you get the nerve to do that? I'd say something like, which is true, if you're going to be a writer you have to be able to put out everything about yourself."

Carroll is survived by a brother, Tom.
09:13pm 02/08/2009
  Spent the better part of earlier trying to earn favor points on frikkin' Vampire Wars. Because me & the friends are all geeking over this and you need a big clan to survive the PvP aspect, we all decided to be lames0rs and make character facebooks for the folk we play in the RP.

That said, I was in my Walter one, and I had decided that Walter's vampire bitch needed! oh yes, needed a tasteful Victorian skirt that cost 10 favor points.

That said, I needed to finish a tier and go up a level to afford it. And now? The damn avatar maker won't acknowledge I have it, but there you are.

So anyway, I actually decided to post the announcement I had bought this damn thing, and got into a funny convo with this dude from Kuwait for awhile. It was kewl because this meant I got to practice my tiny bit of Arabic, and also my Japanese, because wahey! every kid out here in internetland is learning Japanese, right? :D

Anyway, I never update this thing, so I figured I would today.
05:39am 14/07/2009
  I ain't been doing jack with this thing, have i?

I spend more time in my character LJs than in my real life one. and a lot more time in facebook, yo. unlike LJ, facebook has GAMES (any of ye's wanna join my clan in Vampire Wars? or be mah groupie in Rock Legends??)

so yeh. t'was feeling kinda bummed about the whole MJ thing, because hey, you never remember you liked someone's music til they are gone, right? but who didn't grow up to some of Jacko's tunage? he was only in the biz since he was like, oh, five. I still hold firmly to my belief tho that zombies got no right to be dancing. They'd fall right apart.

now all the tributey stuff is over, there's nothing left on the news but the vulturey shit. People commenting on his drug use and bringing up the little boys thing again; his family and friends arguing over who owns his money and kids.At one point they were saying something about his body in the autopsy- that like allegedly he was bone white, and bald, and covered in needlemarks. Friend of mine comments "they sure they're not autopsying Marilyn Manson by mistake"?

makes sense to me. or like, maybe Voldemort? boy, there'll go the whole Harry potter franchise down the tubes if Voldemort dies before the next movie, hehehehe.

and so. dunno if I'll see it the first day, but I'm so stoked for the new Potter flick, cos it's Snapecentric, and i've always dug the Snapester. Altho, yannow, he'd probably crucio anyone who called him pet names like Snapester....

so I was saying to nadine? that like, I realized I don't have any Indian music. not like, Hindustani Indians, but like the Native American ones. not just me, either. the whole music industry. for the longest time it was strictly from black or white people, but you know, what with video games and anime and all, even if it hasn't broken the whole VH1/Rolling Stone/Pitchfork/muchmusic world, there's still a lot of people listening to music by yellow people...but where is the red man??? in all this. I don't even mean like traditional rain dance, powwow novelty-world-music type recordings either, cos I mean. the Asian stuff out there, and that I have in my ipod thing are not trad Asian songs, they're rock and pop. where are the rappers, the rockers, the indy scene Indians?

I dunno. food fer thought, certainly.

whoall was watching wrassling last night? I'm still crackin' up at the sight of Seth Green riding around on Triple H. but then? I am easily amused.

a'ight, I'ma shut up now.
fuckaduck (this sucks)   
11:51pm 12/05/2009
  is it just me? or aol in general? I can't get the messenger thing to work.

well, there's always facebook or wrc if you need to find me. otherwise just watch the comm for posts when I have em.